Présentation d'Iris

Iris is an interactive coding system dedicated to the coding of causes of death and to the selection of the underlying causes of death. The aim of Iris is twofold.

• To propose a language independent system. Language aspects are separated from the software and stored into tables in a database.

• To improve international comparability. Iris is based on the international form of death certificate provided by WHO. The causes of death coding follows ICD10 rules and guidelines. On the other hand, the selection of the underlying cause of death is entirely based on components of the MMDS software developed by the US National Centre for Health Statistics (NCHS). Because Iris includes these components, it is in phase with the updates of the MMDS for the selection of the underlying cause of death.

Iris has been designed and developed on the basis of a collaboration of several countries including France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Sweden and United States.

Given the objectives of the Iris project, it is important to keep Iris an international product. Iris is a free software but not open source. Iris evolutions are decided by a user group opened to each country using Iris. Iris has been referenced under the following InterDeposit Digital Number (IDDN): FR.001.170001.000.S.P.2007.000.31235 (see and